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The Heart of Man






A battle is raging for your heart. God wants it and the devil wants it.

The outcome of this battle will determine your eternal destiny.

Your own choice in this matter will be very important.










“When Satan controls a heart it is dark like this:

This heart is full of sin symbolized by these animals. There are sins like pride (peacock), sexual sin and lust (dog), dirty thoughts/drunkeness (pig), laziness and witchcraft (tortoise), anger/unforgiveness (leopard), jealousy and lying (snake) and gluttony/materialism (frog).


Are some of these sins in your heart?







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The Heart Pictures used within EHC Anglo Africa evangelism activities are used by kind permission of the Copyright Publishers of The Heart of Man books and charts, ALL NATIONS GOSPEL PUBLISHERS, Pretoria South Africa. (Reg. No. 1961/001798/08   ISBN  0/908412/62/2) and may not be reproduced without their written permission.

The Heart of Man pictures orginated from a Swiss Missionary, Rev. J R Gschwend, who had these pictures drawn in 1929,  in order to assist him in his mission work in Africa.


Every Home for Christ, Anglo Africa (EHC AA) distributes this Heart booklet. EHC is an international ministry with a focus on systematic, home-to-home evangelism.

EHC AA works in 28 English and Portuguese speaking countries in Africa spreading the above vision and training Christian leaders in effective, New Covenant style evangelism.

These leaders are encouraged to become friends who work and pray together. They divide unreached areas in their nations in smaller units and decide on a strategy to fully evangelize them home-to-home.

How many people have YOU lead to Christ by using this booklet? Tell us about this each month and we will send you vital new information on partnership with us.



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