Kuvale People Group

(Ovakuvale, Ovakuvare, Cubale)


Signboard welcoming visitors to Virei – just under 200km east of Namibe in southwestern Angola.


A Kuvale lady making a basket.

A Kuvale lady at Virei. For them it is very important to cover their heads – you’ll not see an uncovered head.


Kuvale men – they are nomadic herdsmen.

The town of Virei – it is an government administration centre.


Pastor Zeca de Almeida and his family – they serve in the UIEA church and have been in Virei for the last 4 years.


Pieter and Jose preaching on Sunday morning in Virei.


Many people came to watch the Passion movie – but did not really understand – they laughed at the places you should cry … but the seeds were sown. The Kuvale need a lot of prayer. Pray that God will speak to them.


Peter Richie sharing in Virei – he is a missionary working with SIM in Angola.


Welwitchia plants grow like weeds in the desert near Virei.


Kuvale Prayer Points

(Prepared by Pieter de Villiers and Pastor Zeca de Almeida, UIEA church – working in Virei since 2002)

Pray against:

  • Idolatry – praying to ancestors and demons.
  • Witchcraft
  • Immorality / polygamy
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Laziness



V       Nomadic nature of people.

V       Unemployement.

V       Very few schools in area.

V       Language – nothing written.

V       Most headmen are also powerful witchdoctors.








Pray for:

ό       Many salvations – that people will become open and hungry for God. Pray that God will use things like dreams, power encounters, healings …

ό       Growth of new believers

ό       Moral and financial support of few current workers.

ό       More workers – especially Kuvale people themselves.

ό       That God will put together a team of people who can plan, pray and give to make sure each Kuvale person hears the Gospel.


Angola Prayer Points

(Click here, print out and please pray with us for this wonderful country.)

March to May 2006

Matala outreach – town, training, Passion, Jose’s family

Holiday – Waterfalls, Beach, Leba, Mountains …

Kuvale tribe – Virei, wonderful but unreached group, prayer points.

Humbi tribe – Fanny’s family, prayer points.

Lubango – Million Leader Mandate and more.

November - December 2005

Nakhalanga area - Muila tribe.

“Road” from Lubango to Huambo (420km – 14 hours)

Huambo city

August - September 2005

Lucira: ministering in a picturesque fishing village.

Ecamba: Fanny’s reunion with his mother after 13 years.

April - May 2005

First part of the trip – Places: Cahama to Lubango. People: Dhimba, Ngambwe, Mbundu.

Second part of the trip – Places: Namibe, Chibia. People: Muila, Cubale.

February – March 2005

Santa Clara, Cavalawe, Chibia, Lubango

Tourist attractions around Lubango / Humpata / Tundavala / Leba mountain pass

Namibe, desert province and harbour city

Wonderful People & Ministry


Earlier Angola trips

2003 – Angola Trip – Calueque / Ruacana

2003 Angola Trip – Chitado / Otjihawe

2002 – First Angola Outreach - Ondjiva


Angola - general info





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