Kuito – Bombed city, open Hearts

July 2006

Kuito is the capital of the Bie province – population around 1 million. People are living in these flats.

It is the city that was bombed the most during the long civil war that only stopped during 2002. People are still living in the right side of this building.

The new Provincial Government offices in Kuito.


Some more government offices.

What was left of the Roman Catholic Cathedral in the centre of the city.


Grass is growing, no windows and doors but people occupy this building.

Pieter teaching more than 150 leaders from different churches – we used the Heart of Man during the 3-day workshop.

We used the buidling of the Assemblies of God in Kuito. The people were very open to receive, we had a wonderful time. The plan is to go back in December to do leadership training.

Sunday morning – Pieter and Jos้ preaching in the Assemblies church – about being hungry for more of God.

Some of the leaders of the Assemblies of God and of the Full Gospel church in Kuito with Lukas (white bottom left), Jos้ (green bottom middel) and Pieter.



Angola Prayer Points

(Click here, print out and please pray with us for this wonderful country.)

June to July 2006

Kuito – Bombed city, open hearts.

Road from Huambo to Lobito – bad road, awesome nature.

Lobito – Harbour town - Lots of people, dirt and opportunities.

Road from Lobito to Lubango – some more awesome nature & ministry (Muila, Himba).


March to May 2006

Matala outreach – town, training, Passion, Jose’s family

Holiday – Waterfalls, Beach, Leba, Mountains …

Kuvale tribe – Virei, wonderful but unreached group, prayer points.

Humbi tribe – Fanny’s family, prayer points.

Lubango – Million Leader Mandate and more.

November - December 2005

Nakhalanga area - Muila tribe.

“Road” from Lubango to Huambo (420km – 14 hours)

Huambo city

August - September 2005

Lucira: ministering in a picturesque fishing village.

Ecamba: Fanny’s reunion with his mother after 13 years.

April - May 2005

First part of the trip – Places: Cahama to Lubango. People: Dhimba, Ngambwe, Mbundu.

Second part of the trip – Places: Namibe, Chibia. People: Muila, Cubale.

February – March 2005

Santa Clara, Cavalawe, Chibia, Lubango

Tourist attractions around Lubango / Humpata / Tundavala / Leba mountain pass

Namibe, desert province and harbour city

Wonderful People & Ministry


Earlier Angola trips

2003 – Angola Trip – Calueque / Ruacana

2003 Angola Trip – Chitado / Otjihawe

2002 – First Angola Outreach - Ondjiva


Angola - general info





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